Anna is currently a gymnastics teacher /coach who specialises in the teaching of junior students.

When Anna was 5 years old, she watched a gymnastics competition on television and immediately felt drawn to the sport!  She became a member of her local gymnastics club within a week and her parents really encouraged their daughter to take up every opportunity to develop her skills, in training and competitions.  Anna will tell you that she thinks that it was definitely a case of ‘love at first sight’ between herself and gymnastics.

Having participated in a range of events and competitions for over 13 years, Anna then turned her attention to ‘what next’?  The decision was easy, Anna decided to become a coach.  The main contributing factor to this choice was the realisation that though her participation in this physically and emotionally demanding sport, Anna developed greater confidence and self-belief.  She learned to be resilient and unafraid of set backs because she knew that she had the necessary determination to succeed.

As a fully qualified gymastics coach, Anna’s goal is to bring the same gymnastics experience and life skills she had to the students in her care.  Anna continues to gain valuable experience in teaching her own classes and by extending her teaching strategies.  By also working alongside others on a regular basis, Anna continues to enhance her own professional development and extend the capability of all the students she teaches.

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